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You're on your way to building an awesome web3 platform with Zerion's API, Welcome!

Discover all the remarkable features of Zerion’s infrastructure so that you can build feature-rich real-time web3 apps, wallets, and protocols with ease — whether you’re publicly scaling your existing crypto product, building a new one over a weekend hackathon, or anything in between.

See what other Zers including Rainbow Wallet & StakeDAO have built in our Featured Partners Section, chat with developers in our Community chat, and dive deeper into our documentation below to learn more. Let's jump right in! 👇

📝 What is Zerion?

We've built an interface is your smart, social wallet for Web3. Start from scratch, import your existing wallets, and manage your crypto portfolio from one place – including DeFi positions, NFTs, bridging across 10+ chains, swaps, and more. Available on all devices.

We're happy to share the tools that made Zerion possible. Zerion offers a comprehensive REST API that lets you build functional web3 apps that fetch information for EVM-compatible and Solana wallet addresses, protocols, and tokens. You can integrate all of DeFi into your application, without the need to run your own infrastructure. You serve your users and we will take care of the infrastructure! A win-win 🎉

🚀 Why use the Zerion API?

Indexing web3 wallet and asset data is hard, REALLY HARD! We help you query and build production-ready web3 infrastructure using the Zerion API

Scalable & Reliable

The Zerion API is designed to handle enterprise-level data and traffic, making it perfect for production-ready code deployment across multiple chains. We understand the importance of uptime and data integrity, that's why our API is built with high-availability systems in place to ensure that your data is always accessible when you need it.



Security is our top priority and we take great care to ensure that our API is protected against potential security threats. Our infrastructure is regularly audited by industry-leading providers.


Multi-chain support

With Zerion API you can interact with multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, making it easy to deploy your code on multiple chains and reach a wider audience. See the full list here


Real time data

Unlike several other web3 data solutions, Zerion's API is real-time, providing instant access to wallet and on-chain data. This feature is crucial to ensure your users are shown accurate and up-to-date information.


Easy to use

Our API is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for developers who are new to blockchain development. Our documentation makes it easy to get started and our developers are always available to help in our Discord.



Zerion API can be integrated with any project, providing a flexible solution that can adapt to the unique needs of your business. We're continuously adding new endpoints to enrich your data needs even further!



We provide dApp analytics and attribution for your on-chain data. Answering questions like your user retention and transaction insights are now easier than ever! Coming soon on REST API 🔜

To get started with requesting API access, please head to the Authentication section.

Learn more about Zerion here.