20.12.2023 - Transaction History Update: Spam Classification

We've updated the Get Wallet's Transactions endpoint, introducing a spam classification feature similar to what's available in the Get Wallet's Fungible Positions endpoint.

Modified Endpoint: Get Wallet's Transactions

New Feature: is_trash Flag

The transaction's response now includes a is_trash flag within the attributes object, classifying each transaction as spam or not. This flag is located under the flags section.

Updated Schema Schema Example

New Query Parameter: filter[trash]

A new query parameter, filter[trash], allows filtering transactions based on their is_trash status.

Schema Modifications:
Schema Modifications

Filter Options:

  • only_non_trash: Returns transactions with is_trash=false
  • only_trash: Returns transactions with is_trash=true
  • no_filter: Returns all transactions, regardless of the is_trash flag

Default Option:
no_filter is chosen when nothing specified.

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