26.03.2024 - Dapp IDs and Filtering for Positions and Transactions

We added a filter[dapp_ids] parameter and a dapp relationship to our List Wallet Positions endpoint, and a dapp relationship to List Wallet Transactions, enhancing data specificity and integration with dApps through our API.

Modified Endpoint: List Wallet Positions

New Query Parameter: filter[dapp_ids]

We've introduced a new query parameter, filter[dapp_ids], to the List Wallet Positions endpoint. This addition enables filtering of wallet positions based on specific decentralized application (dApp) IDs. With this update, you can now tailor the query to fetch positions associated with particular dApps, enhancing the specificity and relevance of retrieved data.

New Relationship: dapp

In conjunction with the new filter, we've added a new relationship, dapp, to this endpoint. This relationship provides access to the dApp ID related to each position, allowing for easier identification and categorization of data based on the originating dApp.

Modified Endpoint: List Wallet Transactions

New Relationship: dapp

Similar to the List Wallet Positions endpoint, we've introduced a new relationship, dapp, to the List Wallet Transactions endpoint. This relationship offers direct access to the dApp ID associated with each transaction, streamlining the process of tracking transactions by their source or purpose within decentralized applications.

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